Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Venom and work dont mix

This entry to sketch paddys, and probably the last one for a while that involves so much effort.
I have a back log of work that i need to catch up with, and though i think my personal decision to forsake these responsibilities to draw my bollox of for the last three weeks was a good one, i now have to get back on top of things.
I can say that i notice a vast improvement not only in my actual work but in how i approach each task. I'm starting to feel a little bit more professional every day.
Right enough gay talk.
Good news, a movie that i spent most of last summer story boarding is now in production.

"The Pool" is a Filmbase funded short drama about three teenage boys who break into their school swimming pool one night in order to stage a macho breath holding contest. As the night goes on the loud, brash Charlie begins to tease the overweight, child-like Sam.

After a girl (Katie) arrives whom they all fancy, tensions start to escalate and by the end of the night none of their lives will ever be the same as tragedy ensues.

It is a great script and i hope the final result will show this.

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